While there is a plethora of devotional resources available for Lent, few of them are unique. It is difficult for a devotional to set itself apart in such crowded waters. But there is one this year that does. Biola University’s Center for Christianity, Culture, & the Arts has set itself apart in developing a unique and insightful journey through the season of Lent.

The 2017 Lent Project by the CCCA at Biola University hits all of the right notes. Each day offers a guided reflection—though Scripture, words, poetry, music, film or visual art—to help us focus in on the beauty of Christ’s story. Illustrators, artisans, fine artists, videographers, poets, authors, composers, and musicians have contributed to the project… and their talents show. The multiplicity of styles, cultures, and wide range of denominations represented, creates a full-bodied meditation on the marvelous things that God has done and is doing in the hearts and lives of those who seek him.

The year, the Lent Project focuses on the sacrifice of Christ as the focal point of its devotional journey.

Lent should be more than just a 40-day abstention from caffeine, coffee, or chocolate. Lent should be a meaningful liturgical season of anticipation focused on the focal point of our faith: “Christ’s sacrifice for us and the universal hope which his resurrection represents.”

Lent is a time for beautiful reflection, quiet hearts, and drawing in to the realities of the cross of Christ and an empty tomb. Says the CCCA, Lent is “a time of focused prayer and simple living, contemplating life in the desolate desert but also the new, vibrant life Christ offers.

This year, take a look at the Lent Project. And if it better fits your style, sign up for their daily devotional email.

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Kevin holds a Doctor of Ministry in Semiotics and Future Studies from Portland Seminary, where his work on Early Church spiritual formation passed with the rare honor of exemplary distinction. He is also a graduate of Cedarville University and Dallas Theological Seminary, holding degrees in Biblical Studies, Visual Communications, and Church Educational Leadership. Kevin has served on ministry staffs in some of the largest churches across the United States and is currently the Senior Minister of JupiterFIRST Church in Jupiter, Florida. His most important role, though, is husband to Sally and dad to four of Generation Z’s youngest members: Libbie, Lucy, Harris, and Matthew.