Facebook Group Growing

The ins and outs of small but growing tribe


This week our Facebook Group doubled. It was exciting to welcome so many new people, and I look forward to the ways in which I am refined and renewed by their spirit and wisdom. Already, they are shaping the group in positive ways!

One of the changes that came was an adjustment in the Facebook group that was discussed among the community members: Public vs. Closed group.

Some were ambivalent (which was the position I initially took) and others made valid points for both sides. After some though—and further reconnaissance—it seemed best to change the group from Public to Closed. It allows the community members to post without fear of non-members stumbling across the posts. Changing the group to Closed also allows the Admins to better protect the group from SPAM and robots.

As might be expected, the group will welcome all who come wishing to dialogue about the intersection of faith and practices, especially as it relates to ancient/future practices.

In other news, my week is scheduled to be exceptionally busy so there may not be a post-a-day. This continues to show the need for other authors (not a new concern) in addition to my new thought that we may need an additional Admin for the growing Facebook Group (a new concern).

Kevin holds a Doctor of Ministry in Semiotics and Future Studies from Portland Seminary, where his work on Early Church spiritual formation passed with the rare honor of exemplary distinction. He is also a graduate of Cedarville University and Dallas Theological Seminary, holding degrees in Biblical Studies, Visual Communications, and Church Educational Leadership. Kevin has served on ministry staffs in some of the largest churches across the United States and is currently the Senior Minister of JupiterFIRST Church in Jupiter, Florida. His most important role, though, is husband to Sally and dad to four of Generation Z’s youngest members: Libbie, Lucy, Harris, and Matthew.