The problem with Patrick is that most of us are more familiar with the legends than the facts of his life. For that reason, Saint Patrick’s Day is a perfect opportunity to bring a hero of the faith alive in our homes.

The story of Patrick of England who became an unlikely missionary to Ireland is riveting. Patrick’s story, in and of itself, would make for a great “story night” with a family. Much of the true story of Patrick is left out of the sanitized celebration at schools and community events. Brush up on Patrick’s story here. (Even more St. Patrick’s Trivia available here.)

Patrick is said to have died on March 17th, 460 AD. Therefore, his Feast Day (or St. Patrick’s Day, as we call it) is held on the anniversary of his death. It was common in ancient times for Christ-followers to put more emphasis on the annual celebration of a person’s death than their birth. This is partly due to their belief that a Christian’s death was actually a second birth, a birth into Heaven.

  • PRAY the Prayer of Saint Patrick. Get it here.
  • EAT traditional or fun Irish-themed food. Recipes here.
  • TEACH the true story of Saint Patrick. Again, here.
  • SHOW how a 3-leaf clover can represent a Christian Cross (and each leaf can teach/represent a member of the Trinity: Father, Son, Spirit)
  • CRAFT/COLOR with the littlest ones. Ideas here.

Most importantly, don’t let the traditional celebrations of Saint Patrick’s Day get in the way of sharing with your kids the deep faith of a man named Patrick!


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