“The road to the future runs through the past.”

We are a community of people that are passionate about the future of the Church. We believe that the best days are ahead and that modern culture has yet to fully experience the true life that is contained within the body of Christ.

We are also convinced that few modern Christ-followers feel like much of a success in their journey. And if you are like us, you even hate the word “success.” It sometimes feels like the Church has lost its way, choosing to focus more on metrics and influence rather than mission and depth.

We have also learned along the way that we can’t change the Church… but we can change ourselves.

Easier said than done, right?!

You might be surprised to learn that today’s world is not that unlike what the first Christians faced. In fact, there may be no time in the last 2,000 years that better matches the world of the Early Church. They faced busy lives, a tough economic climate, a great deal of cultural and social oppression, persecution, and deep disagreements with fellow Christ-followers.

But they discovered something that we often miss: How we practice our faith really matters.

They devised creative and effective ways to weave their faith into the everyday events of their lives. And it made all of the difference of the world!

We are a community that stands beside the Early Church, seeking to learn from them about Christ, faith, and how ancient church practices can take us more deeply into both.

We are glad that you’re here for the journey.